ZixCorp Secure Message Portal of OCCMHA

E-mail by default is NOT a secure means of communication.
E-mail message and transferered over the public internet much
like CB communications go over public radio waves.
They can be intercepted and read.

Therefore, Federal HIPAA law requires that any E-mail containing
Patient Healthcare Information; (PHI) MUST be encrypted.
OCCMHA and its provider agencies use Zix Corpoartion Secure E-mail products to 
meet the HIPAA Standards.

The link below will take you to the Google Message Encryption Portal by ZixCorporation.  From this SECURE portal you can self register or will be required to register the first time some one @occmha.org sends you a secure E-mail.  This portal allows you to send/receive secure E-mail with anyone @occmha.org from anywhere without any software to install or purchase.  You can also send attachments.  Core provider agencies that have ZixVPM or ZixMail do not nee to use this product as their E-mails come encrypted direct to us @occmha.org.